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Penguin Signature House Blend

Penguin Signature House Blend


Brazil Cerrado NY2 SS FC + Brazil Minas Sul De Mirco Carmo


⭐️ Proudly Introduce ⭐️ 

The idea of this coffee blend come from all the sense of taste bud that great flavor disappear itself in the mouthfeel. Brazil Cerrado has a classic tasting note of chocolate, nutty, creamy, smooth, high intensity as recognize in Malaysia market that make it so popular. Brazil Minas well know as Natural processing as it brings up the complexity, honey, red apple, fragrance aroma with light body follow by long after taste aroma lingering. 

• Suitable brewing in :
✔️ Espresso 
✔️ Milk Base
✔️ French Press 
✔️ Aeropress 
✔️ Cold Brew 
✔️ Syphon 
✔️ Moka Pot 
✔️ V60 Pour Over 



Dose: 16-18g
Ratio: 1: 2 / 1: 2.25
Total Weight: 32g-40g
Brew Time: 25 - 35 sec
Water Temp: 91c - 93c

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