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Coffee Bean Wholesale

Provide the very own coffee bean to your business

We are well placed to support your business on your coffee journey, whether you’re an independent cafe, restaurant, bar, small business, kiosk or corporate sectors.. Finding the right coffee bean is important. At Penguin Specialty Coffee, we not only provide your best wholesale coffee solution, we also provide a personalized plan for your specific coffee needs.

Baraita Training / Free Consultant / Research & Develop / Private Labelling / Specialty Coffee / Freshly Roast / Free Shipping

Triple Blended Coffee Beans
Making Coffee

Excellent Quality Guarantee

Our coffee beans are handpick carefully, roast with database, QC with cupping before we go to give you the quality and consistency coffee taste. Quality is definitely in our roots!

Professional Support Team

At Penguin Specialty Coffee, our passionate & experience barista team are ready to assist you not only in your business model but keeping you up to date on the latest informations.

Marketing Consultant

Brewing coffee is fun but understanding the market is important. We are here to assist to analyze consumer buying trends and flavor preferences. Our experts will help you transform your business in to a lean, mean, profit making machine.

We Are Here To Support!

Contact us to find how our services can benefit your company.

+60 11 5429 5686

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Image by Battlecreek Coffee Roasters
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